With TinyMDM, share professional files and contacts to all your employees' devices with a single click.

TinyMDM’s file sharing feature allows the enterprise to share any content to help Android mobile devices management. This feature ensures that employees always have access to the documents they need to perform their jobs, up to date, effortlessly.

share files

Professional files and contacts

Import, deploy and share professional contacts and files to groups of devices. Audio, videos, images, documents (PDF, Excel, PowerPoint), ZIP files… All files are allowed. Import the files needed for your employees’ work in the fieldwork, or upload a list of professional contacts and push them to their professional devices.

Based on different groups

The administrator can manage all content and distribute it remotely to certain devices or groups of managed devices. Users can access the content on their devices in real time.

Delete files and contacts in one click

Delete files from the devices remotely: keep your documents safe even if an Android mobile device is compromised.

Android MDM made simple and easy-to-use.

Keep complete control over your professional devices.
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