With TinyMDM lock task mode, transform your Android devices into dedicated kiosks.

Only business applications are accessible.
Data is secured and productivity boosted.

mdm kiosk mode

TinyMDM Kiosk mode certified by Android Enterprise EMM

Kiosk lockdown (multi apps or single app mode)

Switch from fully managed to Kiosk mode in just one click!

By activating the kiosk mode, all your professional Android tablets and smartphones will be restricted to a locked desktop where only the applications you define are visible (from the Play Store, but also private and web applications).

Ideal for mobile devices that need to perform specific tasks or that are accessible in self-service mode, such as interactive kiosks, mobile points of sale…

Single app kiosk

By approving only one application in Kiosk mode, the application will automatically open on the devices and it will be impossible to exit it, even after a reboot of the device. The only way to exit this dedicated Kiosk will be to use an admin code available in the TinyMDM console.

Custom branding

If multiple applications are allowed, the desktop wallpaper can be customized with your company colors. Choose the color of the wallpaper, add your company logo… In portrait mode, and in landscape mode!

Custom-made kiosk

Go further in application management: by switching to kiosk mode, you can protect some applications with passwords, install applications but hide them (so that they run in the background), sort them by folder… Of course, all other features are also available: file / contact sharing, remote control, location tracking…

Android Mobile Device Management made simple

Manage all your professional devices from one place, in a few minutes.
Multi app lockdown
Internet filtering
Hide applications
Custom branding
Single app lockdown
Password protection / app
Road safety: speed management
Remote wipe
Remote control
Restricted settings
Physical tracking
Exit with admin code

30 day free trial period

All features available